Layers of Fear: Legacy Heading to Nintendo Switch February 21

Bloober Team previously revealed that it would be bringing its hit horror game, Layers of Fear, to the Switch. The game will come to the system on February 21 for a price of £17.99/€19.99/$19.99. This version enhances the experience with Switch-specific features that will build greater tension for the player.

Layers of Fear has been out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One since 2016, and it was a remarkable horror game through its clever systems. Players traveled through an old house that slowly weaved and unraveled as a reflection of the protagonist’s crippling mind. The horror was born from the disturbing imagery set before the player as things began to slowly crumble.

If you haven’t picked up Layers of Fear yet, the Switch version should be the best way to play. Combining the excellent content with the additional Switch mechanics, look for this game when it arrives on the Nintendo eShop on February 21.

Want to learn more about Layers of Fear? you can read our review of the game and its additional content Inheritance.

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