Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Make A 300+ Power Lightscale Trident

Sure, the Master Sword may be Link’s iconic weapon, and pretty dang good at taking down enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdombut it’s far from the only option out there. With the help of the Fuse ability, Link can make some fairly powerful – and unique – weapons and weapon combinations in Breath of the Wild’s sequel. In fact, one of the most deadly weapons in the game can be made from nothing more than the humble Lightscale Trident, if used in the proper circumstances with the right Fusion addition. This guide will provide Tears of the Kingdom players with a step-by-step guide on how to make this uniquely awesome Trident that can kill even the strongest enemies in just a few hits.

Obtain A Lightscale Trident


First things first, you’ll need to get your hands on the Lightscale Trident in its base form. To do this, you will need to complete the main story quest “Sidon of the Zora” and free Zora’s Domain from the sludge raining down from above.

Once you’ve done that, visit the blacksmith Dento, who hangs out behind the General Store in Zora’s Domain, to start the quest “Glory of the Zora.” Dento will agree to craft you a Lightscale Trident if you bring him the following ingredients:


  • 5 Flint – Can be found by breaking any ore deposits around Hyrule
  • 3 Diamonds – Can be found by breaking rare ore deposits (sparkling gold), dropped by Luminous Stone or Gem Taluses, earned from chests in Rauru’s Blessing shrines or purchased from merchants in Goron City
  •  Zora Spear – Can be obtained by scanning a Mipha Amiibo or dropped by Like Likes in caves near Zora’s Domain. Additionally, a single Zora Spear can be obtained by visiting Bazz at the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and using a Splash Fruit to free him from the sludge.

Give the collected ingredients to Dento and he will craft you a Lightscale Trident. If the trident breaks, you can return to him with the same set of ingredients and he will make you another one at any time. However, Dento will ONLY craft you a new Spear if the Lightscale Trident is broken – simply dropping it or displaying it in your House will not count.

Fuse A Gibdo Bone Or Molduga Jaw To The Trident


There are a number of powerful monster parts that can be fused to your new Lightscale Trident, but performing this specific trick requires one of two particular items: a Gibdo Bone or a Molduga Jaw. Either will work, but both have their benefits and drawbacks. Gibdo Bones have a slightly higher Fuse Attack bonus, but have low durability and will generally break after a single hit. Molduga Jaws have slightly lower Attack, but are extremely durable and will last for several hits.

You can choose either of these two ingredients. They can be obtained in the following ways:


  • Gibdo will spawn anywhere in Gerudo Desert or the Lightning Temple while you have not yet completed the “Riju of Gerudo Town” main quest. After that quest is done, they will spawn in the Caves and Depths below Gerudo Desert. They are weak to fire, ice, and lightning elemental attacks. Both regular Gibdo and flying Moth Gibdo will drop Gibdo Bones when defeated.
  • Molduga are large monsters located in specific areas of the Gerudo Desert. There are four Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom – one in the Southern Oasis, one in the Arbiter’s Grounds, one slightly north of Dragon’s Exile, and one in the Toruma Dunes. These mini-boss monsters can be defeated by luring them to the surface with a food item and then shooting them with Bomb Arrows until they are knocked out, then taking out the rest of their health with a melee weapon. Like most monsters in the game, Molduga re-spawn each Blood Moon if you need to harvest more Jaws.

Once you have either a Gibdo Bone or a Molduga Jaw, fuse it to your Lightscale Trident immediately.

Obtain And Wear The Radiant Or Evil Spirit Armor Set


Why choose a Molduga Jaw or Gibdo Bone over any of the far more powerful fusion items in the game, such as Lynel or Gleeok body parts? The reason for this is the existence of the Bone Bonus buff (why didn’t they simply call it ‘Bone-us’…), provided by two sets of armor in Tears of the Kingdom. This bonus increases your attack power by approximately 80% when you are wielding a weapon with a Bone item fused to it. Several items in the game count as Bones, but Molduga Jaws and Gibdo Bones are the most powerful.

The two armor sets that can provide this bonus are the Evil Spirit Armor and the Radiant Armor. You MUST be wearing all three pieces of this armor set for the bonus to take effect!

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The Evil Spirit armor naturally possesses the Bone Bonus without being upgraded. However, each piece requires completing a three-part (Land, Sky, and Depths) quest in one of the three Labyrinths scattered around Hyrule. Each of these quests involves a mini-boss battle against a Flux Construct III, so come prepared!

  • The Evil Spirit Greaves are found at the North Lomei Labyrinth at the very northern part of the Hebra region
  • The Evil Spirit Armor is found at Lomei Labyrinth Island off the coast of the Akkala region in the northeastern corner of Hyrule
  • The Evil Spirit Mask is found at the South Lomei Labyrinth east of Gerudo Desert

The Radiant Armor set is much easier to acquire, but will not grant you the Bone Bonus buff until it has been upgraded by a Great Fairy. All three pieces of the Radiant Armor can be purchased at the armor shop in Kakariko Village. They will start out extremely expensive, but you can earn a discount by bringing the shopkeeper a Sunny Veggie Porridge (made using one Hylian Rice, one Fresh Milk, and one Sundelion).

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Once you have the Radiant Armor, you will need to visit a Great Fairy and upgrade each piece twice. Each upgrade level requires having that many Great Fairy Fountains unlocked, so make sure to visit and unlock two Great Fairy Fountains before attempting to upgrade the Radiant Armor Set. (The Great Fairies are hidden inside their buds, but you can bring the Stable Trotters music troupe, first encountered at Woodlands Stable, to visit each of them to unlock them.)

Upgrading the Radiant Armor set to level two and unlocking the Bone Bonus will require the following ingredients

  • 3 Bokoblin Guts, dropped by defeated Bokoblins of any color
  • 6 Moblin Guts, dropped by defeated Moblins of any color
  • 75 Luminous Stones, harvested from glowing ore deposits found in caves and wells around Hyrule
  • 180 Rupees, earned in a variety of ways (check out GameLuster’s guide for fast Rupee-earning tips!)

Once all three pieces of the Radiant Armor set have been upgraded to Level 2, they will provide the Bone Bonus.

Make sure that you are wearing your armor of choice – Radiant or Evil Spirit – when fighting using your bone-fused Lightscale Trident to dramatically increase its attack power!

Eat An Attack-Boosting Meal


While your Lightscale Trident will be plenty powerful as-is, you can even boost its attack a little bit further by cooking and eating a Meal or Elixir with attack-boosting properties. Here are some easy-to-make recipes that can provide a quick attack boost if you want to make that bone-tipped Lightscale Trident even stronger:

  • Mighty Crab Stir-Fry – Four Razorclaw Crabs (found in any seashore or lakeshore area) and one Goron Spice (purchased in Goron City)
  • Mighty Simmered Fruit – Five Mighty Bananas (found growing on trees in the Faron region or dropped by defeated Yiga Clan members)
  • Mighty Fragrant Mushroom Saute – Four Razorshrooms (found growing next to rocks throughout Hyrule) and one Goron Spice (purchased in Goron City)

If you manage to create a triple attack bonus (signified by three swords in the meal’s description in your inventory), you will deal a further 50% bonus damage while in combat. The bonus provided by these meals only lasts around 4-5 minutes, so make sure to eat it right before going into battle to have the greatest effect.

Get Your Lightscale Trident Wet


Now, it’s time for the piece de resistance. You may be asking yourself why you are using a Lightscale Trident as the base of this powerful fusion, because it has a humble attack power of only 22 – they are many stronger weapons you can find around Hyrule. This is because the Lightscale Trident possesses a property called Water Warrior, which DOUBLES its attack power when the weapon is wet. All Zora-type weapons in Tears of the Kingdom provide this bonus, but the Lightscale Trident is the strongest.

There are a number of ways to apply the “Wet” status to your weapon while fighting. These include


  • Fighting in the rain or in a thunderstorm
  • Fighting in damp caves (signified by water dripping from the cave walls)
  • Standing in a shallow puddle or river while fighting
  • Using Prince Sidon’s Water Wall ability, unlocked by completing the main series quest “Sidon of the Zora”

The Water Wall is generally the most effective of these options, as it can be used anywhere once Sidon has awakened as the Sage of Water and agreed to fight beside you. The other methods can be limited by time, place, and weather.

If perform all the steps in this guide correctly, your weapon’s power will be as follows:


( ( ( ( 22 (Lightscale Trident) + 32 (Molduga Jaw) ) x 2 (Water Warrior) ) x 1.8 (Bone Bonus) ) ) x 1.5 (Attack-boosting Meal)  = 292


( ( ( ( 22 (Lightscale Trident) + 40 (Gibdo Bone) ) x 2 (Water Warrior) ) x 1.8 (Bone Bonus) ) ) x 1.5 (Attack-boosting Meal) = 335

With this one-of-a-kind weapon, you will be able to easily defeat the most powerful bosses and monsters in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Even the Demon King Ganondorf himself will not be able to stand against you!

Have you built this super-powerful Lightscale Trident in Tears of the Kingdom? Which battles did you use this strategy in? What are your favorite weapon-boosting tips and tricks? Comment below and let us know!

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J m
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Isn’t there a problem where Molduga jaws aren’t being considered as bones by the game?