Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How To Make Best Use Of Prince Sidon’s Sage Power

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces a new system known as Sage’s Vows, which allows Link to fight alongside avatars of his allies and utilize their powers both in and out of battle. Each Sage Vow is earned by clearing a Temple alongside the associated character, and they can be further upgraded by collecting Sage Wills from treasure chests in the Sky Islands. Of the five Sages’ Vows available for Link to collect, the Vow of Sidon, Sage of Water, has been considered by many players to be the weakest. However, this is not true at all – the energetic Zora Prince is a valuable ally when used properly! This guide will cover some tips and tricks for making the best use of Sidon’s Vow in Tears of the Kingdom.

Sidon Can Draw Enemies’ Attention

Moblin fixates on Sidon in melee over Link or other Companions
A Moblin fixates on Sidon in melee combat, ignoring Link entirely


One of Prince Sidon’s biggest advantages is a rather straightforward one: he is, quite literally, an enormous bright red shark. Standing several feet taller than Link and attacking with a lengthy polearm, Sidon’s avatar makes a tempting target for enemies. Link can hide himself fully behind the Zora Prince to focus on stealthy attacks or precision arrow shots while the enemies target Sidon who, as an avatar, cannot be harmed or sustain any damage. Because of his sheer size coupled with his nature as a melee fighter, Sidon is the most likely of the Sage avatars to be a frequent target of enemy attention. When charging into battle, position yourself behind Sidon and wait until the enemy has targeted him before engaging.

Of course, the Sage of Water is not just a defensive asset to Link’s team. He wields a Lightscale Trident, and can deal a significant amount of damage to enemies. Often, due to his long reach, Sidon can attack and even defeat some smaller and weaker enemies before Link has even gotten to the battlefield. This is especially prominent if you use four Sage Wills at a Goddess Statue to upgrade to “Solemn Vow of Sidon, Sage of Water” and further enhance his combat capabilities.

Win Fights Quick With Water Warrior Weapons

Lightscale double power at death mountain
Even in Death Mountain, Hyrule’s hottest region, Sidon can double this Trident’s power


As with Breath of the Wild before it, many of the weapons Link can find, loot, and buy around Hyrule have special properties. One of these properties is Water Warrior, which causes weapons to double in attack power when they are wet. While there are ways to dampen your weapon naturally, such as fighting in the rain or by the sea, Sidon’s ability provides a quick, constantly present source of water to enhance your Water Warrior arms.

By standing near Sidon’s avatar and pressing A, the Zora Prince will summon a shield of water that can either protect Link for one hit or be used to shoot a blast of water at the enemy. While this immediately applies the “Wet” status to your equipped weapon, what you may not realize is that the status lasts for several seconds even after you have used the shield or water attack. You can use this period of doubled attack power to get in several solid hits against your enemy. Plus, Sidon has the shortest recharge time of all the Sage abilities, meaning that you can re-apply his shield almost immediately and keep your Water Warrior weapons constantly doused in battle.

Common Water Warrior weapons include the Zora Spear and Zora Sword, which can be found wielded by Constructs in the Water Temple or enemies such as Lizalfos in the hills and caves around Zora’s Domain. (Zora Spears can also be found by scanning a Mipha amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom.) After completing the “Sidon of the Zora” main quest and unlocking Sidon’s Vow, you can visit the blacksmith Dento in Zora’s Domain. Dento will combine one Zora Spear, five pieces of Flint, and three Diamonds into a Lightscale Trident of your very own. This Trident has a base power of 22, and when fused with a powerful add-on like Silver Lizalfos, Silver Moblin, Silver Horriblin, or White-Maned Lynel monster parts, you can easily create a weapon that will have a power of over 100 when enhanced via Sidon’s water abilities.

How To Enhance Water Warrior Weapons Even Further

The first weapon dropped will be stored in a bizarre spot in memory, ready to be grabbed later (earlier?) when you load your save.
These bones can be found scattered all around the Eldin region, if you don’t feel like killing any skeletons


But wait, there’s more! Yes – these weapons can become even more powerful when used in tandem with Sidon’s water. There are two sets of armor in the game – the Evil Spirit Armor and the Radiant Armor – that provide a particularly unique bonus…or perhaps “bone-us” might be more accurate! The Evil Spirit Armor provides this bonus automatically and can be found by completing the three Lomei Labyrinth side-quests scattered around Hyrule. The Radiant Armor must be upgraded twice by a Great Fairy to grant the right ability, but it is much easier to obtain, as it can be purchased in Kakariko Village.

 When Link wears the full set of armor, he is granted the bone-eficial skill “Bone Weapon Proficiency,” which further increases the attack power of his weapon if it has a bone item fused to it. Items categorized as bones include Gibdo parts, Molduga Jaws, and anything from the skeletal Stal- enemies including Stalkoblins and Stalnoxes. The bonus from Bone Weapon Proficiency will increase the attack power of your weapon by about 1.8 times its original value.

Lastly, you can also eat meals that increase your Attack for a period of time to receive yet another multiplier – up to 2x the attack strength if the meal provides the maximum bonus available. Fusing a Molduga Jaw or Stalnox Horn to a Lightscale Trident, wearing the right set of armor, eating an Attack-boosting meal, and wetting the weapon using Sidon’s ability can easily give you several hits with an attack power in the 200-300 range. This makes the seemingly humble Lightscale Trident actually one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game, and it’s all – or mostly, at least – thanks to none other than Prince Sidon!

His Shield Makes Flurry Rushes More Forgiving

Sidons shield tanks a Silver Hit with no flinch
Link shakes off a hit from a tough Silver enemy with zero damage thanks to Sidon’s shield


If Link manages to perfectly dodge an enemy’s attack, he can temporarily slow down time and enact a series of powerful blows known as a Flurry Rush. However, unleashing a Flurry Rush in Tears of the Kingdom requires extremely precise timing. You need to lock on to an enemy in battle, wait for that enemy to attack you, and then press X plus the correct direction to dodge away from the enemy’s attack. If you execute this dodge correctly, a button prompt will appear to trigger a Flurry Rush, and Link will attack multiple times in just a few seconds. In many case, a single well-placed Flurry Rush can be enough to defeat an enemy.

However, the danger in executing Flurry Rush comes from Link needing to get up close and personal with enemies in the midst of battle. If you mistime your dodge, Link can end up taking a pretty powerful, un-guarded hit that can easily sap most or even all of his hearts. However, Sidon’s water shield makes Link completely invincible for one hit, letting you focus on getting your dodge timed without having to worry. The shield also protects from side effects of being hit, such as Link becoming stunned or being forced to drop his weapon due to an enemy’s electrical powers. If you’re planning to do a Flurry Rush against any enemy, especially a big and powerful one, you should always have Sidon’s water shield up before doing so.

Sidon’s Water Attack Is Long-Range And Powerful

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With a single button prompt, this bubble shield can instead become a powerful long-range sweep


In addition to shielding Link from enemies, Sidon’s water power can also be channeled into a single long-range attack, shooting a crescent-shaped wave of water at the enemies. This attack reaches several feet away from Link, and it is capable of passing through many obstacles on the battlefield, including other enemies, small bushes and trees, and pieces of rubble. (Large obstacles like solid stone walls, however, will cause the water wave to dissipate, so be careful when aiming it!) It’s also a multi-target attack, capable of hitting mulitple targets at once, and even passing through an already struck enemy to damage the ones behind it as well.

Sidon’s water attack will have the same attack power as your currently equipped melee weapon. And, of course, if you have a Water Warrior weapon equipped, the power doubling will always be taken into account because you are quite literally attacking with water. With the tips and tricks described earlier in this guide for enhancing your weapon’s power, Sidon’s Vow can easily give you a multi-hit ranged attack with a power of 100 or more, perfect for clearing out mobs of enemies with a single strike. And, again, given the short length of his cooldown timer, you can easily perform this attack multiple times during a fight, especially if you stay close to Sidon so he is ready to boost you as soon as his ability is ready once again.

The Zora Prince Can Help You Deal With Lava

Sidon Lava Line
Cross the lava with no worries at all thanks to Sidon!


Initially, it may seem that Sidon’s water abilities lack out-of-battle uses, especially when compared with the other Sages. Sage of Wind Tulin can create gusts of air to help Link fly, Sage of Fire Yunobo can break rocks with his very body…but what can Sidon do? Well, there’s one thing in particular, in fact, that the Zora Prince can help his good friend Link with using nothing more than the simple power of water!

Using Sidon’s water attack, you can create a line of stepping stones through a pool of lava. Link can then safely cross the lava without falling in and dying. (This does not lower the temperature of the surrounding area, so make sure Link is wearing his flame-resistant armor). This can be extremely helpful if you find yourself needing to cross lava but don’t have a handy Zonai Hydrant or any Splash Fruit on hand. Plus, as always, Sidon’s quick recharge time allows you to rapidly perform this trick over and over again!

 Lava deposits can be found in the Fire Temple, in caves and caverns around Death Mountain in the Eldin region, and certain places in the Depths beneath Hyrule. So while lava is not the most common obstacle Link will find in his travels around Hyrule, you will certainly encounter it a time or two. Having Sidon at your side can take this potentially deadly hazard and turn it into nothing more than a minor inconvenience for Link. For this reason, you may want to consider completing the Zora’s Domain / Water Temple quests before the Goron City / Fire Temple quests, so that Sidon’s avatar and power will be at your disposal when you head into the heart of Hyrule’s most deadly volcano.

Has this guide convinced you that Sidon is good for much more than simply his relentless optimism? What are your favorite ways to make use of Prince Sidon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Comment below and let us know!

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