Mario Tennis Aces Receiving DLC Characters this Summer

Nintendo has announced two DLC characters for Mario Tennis Aces.

During a Nintendo Treehouse Live stream at E3 2018, it was announced that both Koopa Troopa and Blooper will be coming as DLC characters to Mario Tennis Aces this summer. Koopa Troopa will release on August 1, while Blooper will be released in September. Both characters will be free.

It was also announced that players could obtain both characters early. If players participate in the online tournament that will be held in July, they can unlock Koopa Troopa early if they earn enough points. Likewise, if players participate in the August tournament, they will have the chance to unlock Blooper early.

You can check out footage of Koopa Trooper in action below (via IGN).

Mario Tennis Aces releases on June 22 for the Nintendo Switch.

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