Marvel’s Avengers Beta: Most Downloaded PlayStation Beta Ever

Marvel’s Avengers’ beta has become the most downloaded PlayStation beta of all time. According to Square Enix, the beta was top of the list for not only the PS4, but it’s predecessor, the PS3.

In an official infographic from Square Enix, the studio revealed key figures from the beta. These included over six million beta players, 200 million Hulk smashes (let’s be honest, you can never have enough of those), over 300 million enemies defeated, 175,000 legendary gear found, 22 Hulk Busters summoned, and over 27 million hours played in the beta.

Best yet, 3 million of the 27 million in-game hours were spent soaring the skies as Iron Man, with a massive 29 trillion kWh being generated from Stark’s Arc Reactor.

The infographic further covers a number of planned multi-platform and PC-specific beta fixes, feedback features, new details for the day one patch, and future updates.

Despite the success of the beta, it wasn’t without problems earlier on. The beta was an all-inclusive event, inviting all parties (PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Virgin Media customers) to take part.

As a result of high demand, there were significant delays in confirmation emails being distributed to players. Square Enix stated the reason for the delays was due to “a high volume of Square Enix Members account registrations,” before adding that they were “actively working on addressing this.”

In other Avengers news, data-miners discovered assets within the game’s beta that suggest there could be as many as to up 15 hidden playable characters for Marvel’s Avengers. The playable characters include Ant-Man and The Wasp, Falcon, Winter Soldier, War machine, Captain Marvel, and Dr. Strange. Other upcoming characters include Black Panther, Quake, Mockingbird, and She-Hulk.

Marvel’s Avengers is due for release tomorrow (September 4) for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Google Stadia. It will later also launch on next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. 

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