Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Halara Nightmare Memory Shard Locations

Master Detective Halara Nightmare is one cool customer, and that may be why their Memory Fragments are some of the hardest to find in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. Luckily, this guide shares the locations of all five of Halara’s Amethyst Memory Shards, as well as what chapters they can be found in. Use this guide to unlock all Gumshoe Gab conversations with Halara Nightmare!

Shard #1: The Secret Hangout Spot


This shard is located behind the Clock Tower in the fenced-in yard area. It is encountered during the murder investigation in Chapter 1. However, Yuma cannot open the gate to the locked area himself, so make sure to talk to the Boy hanging out at the Clock Tower to get this shard.

Shard #2: Let’s Peek At The Microscopic World


During Chapter 2, Yuma must disguise himself as the Peacekeeper Martina Electro to investigate a murder at Aetheria Academy. While disguised as Martina, Yuma will enter the Chemistry Lab. Inside, find Halara’s Memory Shard on a table. You MUST collect this shard now, as you cannot return to this location later!

Shard #3: Kanai Ward’s Highest Welcome


At the beginning of Chapter 3, Yuma will visit the mysterious Makoto Kagutsuchi at the top of Kanai Tower. Near the door to exit Makoto’s apartment is a Halara Memory Shard next to a statue. If you miss this shard when it initially appears in Chapter 3, you can revisit this location in Chapter 4.

Shard #4: Going Against It With The Big Guy


As soon as Yuma is allowed to leave the Resistance Headquarters in Chapter 3, turn around and walk along the narrow ledge on the side of the building to find this shard. As with the previous shard, this location can be revisited in Chapter 4 if you miss it during Chapter 3.

Shard #5: This Won’t Fit In The Mail


All Master Detectives’ final Memory Shards are located in Chapter 5, and Halara’s is no exception. When Yuma has to hide inside an abandoned post office, this shard will be sitting on the counter. You CANNOT return to this location, so pick this shard up now!

With all five Amethyst Memory Shards in your possession, you will be able to unlock all of Halara’s Gumshoe Gab skits and learn more about this closed-off Master Detective. If you need help with other areas of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, you can check out GameLuster’s other guides covering all of the game’s Mystery Labyrinths, Memory Shards, and more!

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