Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Yakou Furio Memory Shard Locations

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code lets Yuma Kokohead bond with his Master Detective allies via the Gumshoe Gab system. Each character has five conversations, unlocked via collecting Shinigami-shaped statues called Memory Fragments in the overworld. This guide covers the locations of all five Copper Memory Shards, used to unlock Gumshoe Gab conversations with Nocturnal Detective Agency Chief Yakou Furio. It also covers which chapters of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code feature these shards so you don’t miss any!

Shard #1: Introduction


This shard is immediately pointed out by Shinigami as soon as Yuma leaves the Nocturnal Detective Agency in Chapter 1 of the game. Found in an alleyway by the Riverbank, it is used to introduce the Gumshoe Gab system. There is no way you can miss this introductory shard!

Shard #2: The Iron Coffin Bed


This Memory Shard can be collected starting in Chapter 1, and must be picked up before the end of Chapter 4. It is found sitting on a bright red luggage cart inside Kanai Station. The carts are found in a group of three in the top right corner of the station.

Shard #3: Storage In The Underground World


Like the Memory Shard above, this one is available from Chapter 1 until Chapter 4. It is found in the underground area of Kamasaki District. Don’t use the underground entrance near the Nocturnal Detective Agency; instead, head to the further set of stairs near the center of the district. Walk down these stairs to find the Fragment on top of a wooden storage crate.

Shard #4: Find The Secret Of The Toys


Unlike the three above, this shard can only be found in Chapter 4 of the game. When Yuma enters the Robotics Lab to borrow the robotic Ama-Pal, this Memory Shard is seen held by a clamp on top of one of the lab tables. Make sure to grab it before you leave the lab, as you are not given many chances to return to this location!

Shard #5: Princess Kaguya In The Bamboo Grove


As with all five characters, Yakou’s final shard is locked to Chapter 5 – the game’s final chapter. Near the end of the chapter, Yuma will walk up a hill and across a red bridge. Between the red bridge and the nearby building is a stand of bamboo where this Memory Shard will be hiding.

With these shards, you can unlock all five of Yakou Furio’s conversations and learn more about the Agency’s eccentric chief. Before you go, make sure to check out GameLuster’s other Master Detective Archives: Rain Code guides to solve Mystery Labyrinths, pick up other character’s Memory Shards, and more!

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