Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection: All Program Advances In Battle Network 4

Lan and MegaMan.EXE’s adventures through the digital world never seem to come to an end. If you’re playing the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection then you already know that Mega Man Battle Network 4 isn’t the end of their quest, but it will be the toughest yet. To help make sure you don’t get deleted off the web, you will need to brush up on your Program Advances.

With an asteroid on course to hit the planet, your skills will need to get an upgrade! If you’ve been playing the games in order from Mega Man Battle Network 1 forward, you already know that Program Advances are constantly updating, and so you should be too!

All Mega Man Battle Network 4 Program Advances In Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Program Advances
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Program Advances

At this point, you’re probably well-versed in how Program Advances work; you put in the correct sequence of Battle Chips and execute some type of more powerful move! This time, there’s no more Zeta, Beta, Omega, or any of those classifications returning, although the moves themselves are coming back under new names. Let’s start out with all the moves that are replacing the Zeta Advances, which fall into the Giga category.

Giga and Returning Program Advances

  • Giga Cannon 1, 2, and 3: Cannon x3, Hi-Cannon X3, and Mega Cannon x3 all replace the Zeta versions respectively. Remember that these all need to be in alphabetical order. This is now a single shot with no other buffs.
  • Hyper Burst Spreader x3. Shoots a five-hit spread shot.
  • Heat Spread HeatShot x3 (B+C+D) or Heat-V x3 (C+D+E) or HeatSide x3 (D+E+F) or HeatShot D + Heat-V D + HeatSide D. Functions the same as a spreader, but with a fire element.
  • Bubble Spread BubShot x3 (P+Q+R) or Bub-V x3 (C+D+E) or BubSide x3 (D+E+F). Same as Heat Spread, only with a water element.
  • Life Sword Sword + WideSwrd + LongSwrd (all with same code S). Slash a 3X2 area ahead of MegaMan.
  • Time Bomb +: TimeBomb x3. Summons a timed explosive that deals massive damage.
  • Poison Pharoh DarkHole * + DarkLine * + PoisonAnubis A. Summons PharohMan to coat the enemy field in poison.
  • Body Guard AntiDmg M + AntiNavi M + Muramasa M. Calls down 10 Shurikens that home in on enemies.

All Other Program Advances

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Program Advances
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Program Advances

Super Spread 1, 2, and 3: WideShot1 x3, WideShot2 x3, and WideShot3 x3. Each version shoots three piercing Wideshots of that type.

Flame Cross 1, 2, and 3: FlameLine1 3X, FlameLine2 x3, and FlameLine3 x3. Creates fire in a cross shape two panels ahead.

Beast Fang 1, 2, and 3: TwinFang1 x3, TwinFang2 x3, and TwinFang3 x3. Shoots the respective Twinfang eight times.

Mag Shock 1, 2, and 3: MagBolt1 x3, MagBolt2 x3, and MagBolt3 x3. Pulls all enemies to the front row and shocks them.

Pit Hockey 1, 2, and 3: AirHoc1 x3, AirHoc2 x3, and AirHoc3 x3. Fires an Airpuck of the respective level that bounces 18 times.

Pit Ring 1, 2, and 3: Boomer1 x3, Boomer2 x3, and Boomer3 x3. Shoots three boomerangs on each of the enemy side columns.

Pile Driver: GunSol1 G + GunSol2 G + GunSol3 G. Creates a mirror behind the enemy that shoots a beam of light at them.

Dark Messiah NEO: DarkLine * + BugChain * + Bass (Red Sun) or BassAnly (Blue Moon) X. MegaMan fires three shots, one on the line above, ahead, and below his position. Bass follows up with Darkness Overload and cracks every enemy panel. This Program Advance requires MegaMan DS.

Whew, those are some powerful moves! Which game’s Program Advances have you liked most in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection? Have you tried all the ones out in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy 2 and Mega Man Battle Network 3 yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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