Microsoft has revealed August Xbox Games With Gold

As July draws to a close, Microsoft has gone ahead and done what they always do around this time, they have revealed the games that Xbox Gold subscribers will be receiving. Surprisingly the games for August will appeal to a mixed variety of people and there is good news of both the Xbox One, as well as the Xbox 360 side of things. So lets get into this:

For Xbox One users as of August 1st you will be able to get your hands on Koei Tecmo’s Warrior’s Orochi 3 Ultimate, this game will run all month and this could be a great opportunity to check out a Warrior’s game if you have been hesitant. Next is one that I feel will not appeal to everyone (I know it doesn’t to me), WWE 2K16, this game will be available from August 16th and will run until September 15th.

On the Xbox 360 side you can look forward to playing Spelunky which is quite a beloved game by many and will surely excite you, Spelunky will run from August 1st to August 15th. For the latter part of the month Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil HD will be available which is considered a gaming gem by many, this game will run from August 16th until August 31st.

Remember, all games released through Games With Gold for the Xbox 360 are backwards compatible with the Xbox One so be sure to download and enjoy all this month’s offerings.

It is now your move Sony, don’t let us down.

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