Microsoft has been in a bit of trouble recently with their Halo franchise. Whilst still being a flagship Xbox series, fans have been disappointed by parts of recent entries. One such example is the recent reveal that Halo Infinite‘s couch co-op campaign had been cancelled, a staple feature of the series. Today, 343 Industries founder Bonnie Ross has announced her leave of the company to see to a family medical issue.

As reported by Windows Central, Ross’ role will be taken over immediately by Pierre Hintze. Two new roles have also been created, in a restructure effort aimed at splitting the studio head role into smaller pieces with different lead staff members. Bryan Koski will become general manager of Franchise, and Elizabeth Van Wyck will take a role as business and operations lead.

Halo Series
The recent Halo series is part of Microsoft’s expansion of the series.

Hopefully this restructure will allow for a more efficient and transparent development cycle of the next Halo game, and successful expansion into other media for Halo. The recent streaming series for Paramount+ released to tepid reviews, despite the franchise’s potential to tell an epic sci-fi story.

We wish Bonnie Ross well with her family medical issue, and commend her legacy of work within Microsoft and 343 Industries. What do you think this restructure will bring for Halo? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more industry news.

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