Artwork for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II has appeared on Steam, courtesy of a report by Eurogamer. The news has led to speculation that the long-running shooter franchise will be returning to the platform after a seven-year absence. 

In response to the posting, discovered by Reddit user u/Kalinine, the Redditor explained the image had turned up “at the bottom of the DLC page for some Call of Duty games, like Black Ops III.” Kalinine updated the post and confirmed that the artwork had been taken down and “replaced with a blank image.”

The internet, as they say, is forever, and the removal of the image fuels speculation that the leak may eventually prove to be genuine. As previously reported by GameLuster, an industry insider suggested that Modern Warfare II would be “revealed in the summer.” They further claimed that the sequel could be released as early as October. As we fast forward the clock, these claims have been proven true. 

MWII artwork shows up on Steam from ModernWarfareII

For now, the evidence remains, as the Redditor was lucky to catch a screenshot of the artwork before it disappeared. Whether this means Activision will be stepping away from exclusivity on PC remains to be seen. 

Details for the upcoming sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare remain light — particularly with platforms. However, answers could be on the way following the release of a teaser trailer last week, as reported by GameLuster. The teaser appeared to indicate a full reveal date for the sequel. 

An earlier teaser, which lasted less than twenty seconds, teased the letters M and W that conjoined and formed the Roman numeral for 2 in the middle. According to the developers, the sequel will mark the beginning of a “new era of Call of Duty.” 

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II will launch on October 28, 2022.

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