Modern Warfare Player Encounters Third-Person In-Game Glitch

A Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare player has discovered a glitch that allows them to play in third-person. After a revive in PS4’s exclusive survival mode, the player, and Redditor Tkade14 encountered the glitch. 

Better yet, Tkade14 is seen in a short clip running around the Shoot House map. Tkade14 said, “Once I was revived, it didn’t go back to first-person.”

The short clip lasts less than fifty seconds and shows Tkade14 taking down AI enemies with a knife, which can be seen below.

Accidental 3rd person gameplay from survival mode
by u/Tkade14 in modernwarfare

The third-person perspective operates in the fact way you’d expect it to. The camera physically moves as a player aims down a sight. For that footage, check out the link below.

However, this isn’t the first time the third-person glitch has surfaced in Modern Warfare. The Gaming JELLY, a Youtube channel, encountered a similar problem.

The Gaming JELLY detailed the glitch in the clip’s description, saying, “I wash [sic] just playing Survival mode when a player went down. Went to go revive him when he/she left putting me in this cool glitch,” then adds, “I hope they bring a third-person game mode, it was fun.”

Modern Warfare 2’s Team Tactical Mode allowed players to experience the game with the camera pulled back. Plus, an untitled Call Of Duty project based on the Vietnam War, set in third-person, was in development. 

It was in development for six to eight months but eventually scrapped. However, the third-person aspect would have been a first for the franchise. Studio founder of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, said in an interview with GameInformer, “We were definitely getting some Dead Space moments.”

The founder was referencing the original Dead Space, of which he’d worked on with co-founder Michael Condrey at Visceral Games. Condrey added, “We would’ve loved to have made [the third-person Call of Duty]. It was in a space that we enjoyed, but how does anything compare to the first-person blockbuster release of 2011?”

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