Monster Hunter Rise Demo Now Available On Switch

A free demo of upcoming title Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Nintendo Switch. It can be downloaded via the Nintendo Switch eShop, and is currently planned to only be available until February 1, so make sure to grab it while you have the chance.

The demo features four quests: two tutorials, one for beginners, and one at the intermediate difficulty. It is set in the Shrine Ruins, which is likely an early-game area. All 14 weapon types are available, as are both traditional friendly Palicoes and the adorable canine Palamute mounts, which are new in this game. The demo also features multiplayer options allowing you to try out Rise with your friends both online and locally.

The tutorial quests are used to teach two new game mechanics. One, the Wirebug, replaces the Grappling Hook of earlier titles and allows the player to increase their mobility and traverse the world in unique ways. It can even be used to help scale walls or tall buildings, although doing so will deplete stamina. The other new feature, Wyvern Riding, lets players use the Wirebug item to hitch rides on and control monsters. Monsters can even be made to fight other monsters in all new epic combat scenes!

In addition to the demo, the Capcom team released a digital presentation introducing characters, locations, and both new monsters and some returning familiar faces. The revealed area, the Frost Islands, will challenge players to adapt to the cold temperatures and brutal weather as they hunt beasts including Barioth, Khezu, Goss Harag, Tigex, and more. Fans also got a closer look two previously revealed monsters: Mizutsune has the ability to create bubbles, while Magnamalo, as its name suggests, has heat-and gas-based abilities which have been compared in-universe to hellfire.

You can watch the digital presentation here:

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