New Details About The Control Spin-off Game Revealed

Fans have eagerly been waiting for any news surrounding Remedy Entertainment’s Control spinoff game, currently known as Codename Condor. Well, it would appear that the long wait is over as the developer has shared numerous details about the game, such as it will be a live service title and it’ll come with a price tag.

We first learned about these details thanks to a financial report made by VGC, which showed us several interesting pieces of information about the spinoff game. Codename Condor is shown to have a massive budget of roughly $27 million and will be built with the Northlight engine, the same as Alan Wake 2, which the original Control game shares a universe with. The game is currently in the pre-production stages with a planned release on PC, PS5, as well as Xbox Series X/S. A major detail about the project is that despite being a live service title the game will not be free, but will still maintain a more affordable price when compared to other AAA titles. As of writing, it is not clear if the game will contain microtransactions.

Control Spinoff details 2

The revelation that Codename Condor is a live-service game will likely not sit well with players as the genre has become a rather infamous point of discussion. However, due to it being set in Remedy Entertainment’s shared universe, some fans might bite the bullet and see what happens next. Codename Condor is just one of several projects that will expand upon the company’s shared universe. Let’s just hope that developer doesn’t bite off more than they can chew.

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