New Hearthstone Announcement on July 28th

Blizzard has just given us a sign that something big is in the works for Hearthstone. There has been much speculation on what the next big announcement is but all roads are pointing towards a new adventure. Regardless of what it might be, we will find out on, July 28th at 11:00 pm PDT. This announcement will have streamed live on their official Twitch Channel at Twitch Hearthstone.


Hearthstone has been doing well since the induction of Whispers Of The Old Gods, the 3rd expansion released in April 2016. To those who are unfamiliar, Hearthstone borrows from World of Warcraft(wow). The characters, cards, locations, as well as the humor used can all be traced back to wow.

These two games, share many things, but up until the games “League of Heroes Expansion” all adventures in Hearthstone have been based off of Raids in wow. Raids in wow are dungeons in which a group of people enter that presents a higher level of difficulty than a regular dungeon. In Hearthstone, adventures are used to create a personal narrative, and solo adventure for players of the card game.

There is speculation that the new adventure could be based on one of two raids. Karazhan or Ulduar. This information was originally posted by CelestialSinn , the post stated that the next adventure in Hearthstone was a raid that has 3 Chinese characters in it. It is explained in depth on the link that is attached

Hearthstone’s Twitter page has also seen a lot of curious post’s as of recent. Tweets that picture a specific card from Hearthstone with an interesting tag line attached to them, my favorite of which featuring Reno Jackson. The tweet says interestingly enough “Just when you think the party’s over, Reno arrives to save the day.”.


While we can only speculate what the announcement is going to be, this Friday all questions will be answered.


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