Nintendo Resets Switch Online Free Trials – For Everyone!

Are you looking for something to occupy your time while staying safely at home? How about a week filled with re-experiencing classic games and trying out new ones? Nintendo has been very generous to gamers during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and they’ve just revealed even more exciting news.

An official announcement was made via the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account that 7-day free trials of the Nintendo Switch Online service are being reset for all users. Meaning, even if you’ve already redeemed your free trial in the past, you may do so again for no additional charge. All you need to do to access this free trial is head on over to the Nintendo eShop using your Switch device.

The Switch Online service includes access to over 70 classic titles from the NES and SNES libraries. Currently available games include Super Mario World, multiple entries from the Kirby and Legend of Zelda franchises, and sports options, including Tennis, Soccer, Ice Hockey, and even Super Dodgeball. More titles are continually being added, with Shadow of the Ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel currently announced as upcoming titles.

Also, a Switch Online membership includes the ability to play several popular Switch titles together with your friends. Connect with your gamer pals even during the era of social distancing, whether it’s challenging them to a fight in Super Smash Bros: Ultimate or chilling with them on a tropical island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Online members are also able to backup save data to the cloud, voice-chat with other players via the official Switch Online smartphone app, and much more. Nintendo regularly announces new exclusive deals and offers.

If you complete your free trial and are interested in continuing your time as a Switch Online member, multiple plans are available. Choose from one, three, and 12-month subscriptions or a yearlong Family Membership, which can support up to eight other Nintendo accounts.

Will you be taking advantage of the reset and scoring another free week of Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know!

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