New rewards are coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members, and they’re actually pretty good. US members will be able to get some Nintendo 64 icon elements, and more importantly, double My Nintendo Gold Points on any eligible digital eShop purchase. UK and Europe members will receive the same, and also bonus gold points from the purchase of any Nintendo Switch console.

The reveal came from a tweet shared by the official Nintendo of America account. Whilst there’s no word yet on what the “eligible” digital purchases are, those in the UK and Europe will receive double points on “all eShop purchases.” The leading theory at the moment is that the “eligible” in the American tweet just refers to game and DLC purchases and not memberships or subscriptions, as the latter two do not typically offer Gold Points. We have reached out to Nintendo of America for clarification, and will update the story with any response.

Nintendo Switch Online N64 icons including mario a penguin kirby link majoras mask and more
A bunch of icons from classic Nintendo 64 games will arrive next month, such as these.

The new benefits will arrive on Nov. 1 and last until Jan. 31, so the Switch looks like an appealing platform to do some Black Friday and holiday digital shopping. Gold Points are a digital currency that can be spent on the Switch eShop, and they are usually earned at a rate of 5% of a digital purchase. A $60 game purchased digitally would reward $3 in Gold Points. The double points offer now mean that 10% of your purchase will be given back as Gold Points. This can then be spent on more games, and the cycle continues!

The N64 icons are somewhat less exciting, but they’re still fun. They are expected to cost Platinum Points, a currency earned without cost through completing missions as a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. These missions are delivered weekly, and involve goals like backing up a game to the Save Data Cloud, or playing a game that uses online functionality. These new profile icons include N64 classics like Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, characters from Paper Mario, Fox McCloud from Star Fox 64 and more.

Are you a subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack? Do these new benefits interest you? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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