Nintendo’s official response to not attenting PAX expo

Nintendo is not attending PAX East this year which I wrote about earlier (which you can find the story here) but now Nintendo has given its official response for why it is not appearing at PAX this year. As I mentioned earlier this will be the first time the company will not attend the expo.

Nintendo official response is below.

“Interacting directly with our fans and letting them play our games firsthand is a key component of our approach. That doesn’t include PAX East this year, but we will offer our fans a variety of opportunities to get their hands on Nintendo products in 2014. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more information about where we’ll be and what you can play.”

Personally I feel that with the Wii U in its current condition Nintendo can’t afford to miss an opportunity to show the console. But I guess in Nintendo we trust and they have at least mentioned that they have several opportunities coming up to show off their products.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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