No Man’s Sky: Path Finder Update

Since the troubled release of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has been hard at work trying to improve every element of the game as well as their public image. This new update by far is the most impressive. Addressing issues from PS4 Pro Support to brand new vehicles (called Exocraft) that help you traverse the difficult terrain of many planets, and much much more.


  • PS4 Pro Support
     4K resolution game play is now supported on the PS4 Pro. As well as support for Automatic Depth Buffer Decompression and Delta Color Compression for the PS4 Pro.


Permadeath Icon
Permadeath Icon
  • Brand New Permadeath Mode
    Death is now permanent in a mode who’s difficulty will match that of Survival Mode. As well as this, Normal Mode, Hard Mode, and Survival Mode have been adjusted. You can expect situations like a damaged ship crash landing on planets in Survival Mode. With the addition of Permadeath Mode, new trophy’s have been added for both Permadeath and Survival Mode.


  • New HDR Mode
    Many new graphical and visual changes come with this update. Most interestingly an HDR Mode for any televisions and monitors with HDR support.



  • New Ship Types and Planetary Vehicles
    All ships now have specialisations and classes: Explorer (warp abilities), Fighter (combat abilities), Hauler (extra cargo holds), and Shuttle (Average, well rounded stats). As well as planetary vehicles called Exocraft’s: The Roamer who’s abilities match that of the Shuttle, The speedy and small Nomad, and every resource hunters favorite the Colossus which features a large amount of cargo space. All three Exocraft act as signal boosters as well.


  • Brand New Shops, Traders, and Currency
    Your relationship with the NPC factions is now more important than ever. A brand new currency called Nanite Clusters can be discovered in various locations. A building trader has been added who you will find on your home planet, he supplies building materials for credits.
Currency Trader
Currency Trader

While the bullet points above are some of the biggest improvements for the current update, there are various other smaller things that have been added, Like:

  • New Photo Mode with filters
  • New weapons and Multi-Tool modes
  • More original music from 65daysofstatic
  • New damage and resource numbers
  • Added Discovery menu
  • Your constructions can now be shared online and visited by others
  • Various other quality of life improvements
Photo Mode with various filters

 The amount of content and fixes that have been released by Hello Games for No Man’s Sky in the last six months has been astounding. The release of this update has been met with a small amount of controversy, with many who feel that its all “too little, too late”, I’ve come across countless others who are very excited about all of these new updates and give Hello Games a lot of credit for sticking with their game when they could have walked away and wiped their hands clean of the mess that was the No Man’s Sky release.

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