Offline Mode Coming To “Nightingale”

It’s not every day we get an announcement that a game will be receiving an offline mode, especially as more modern games seem to be fixed on being exclusively online experiences. However, Nightingale seems to be breaking this trend as Inflexion Games have confirmed the popular fae-themed survival game would be receiving an offline mode despite the option not initially being a priority for the team. The primary reason behind the decision seems to be the increased demand from players who said they would prefer the game offline.

Nightingale is being made by a team that includes several ex-Bioware employees. The game is the first from Inflexion and sees players exploring through various Fae Realms.  In these mysterious new worlds, players will encounter many strange and fantastical beings, many of whom aren’t exactly the friendliest. Players will need to gather materials, build homes and conquer the new Fae wilds. The game launched into Early Access this week and despite receiving mixed reviews on Steam, partially due to connectivity issues, the game has garnered quite a bit of fanfare with many praising the game for its unique setting and visuals. However, Nightingale still has a long way to go and many players are hesitant to pick up the game but perhaps a offline mode and several patches many rectify that.

According to Inflexion, they are actively working on adding an offline mode to the game. In a recent announcement on Steam, they stated the team’s focus was on making Nightingale a co-op experience and allowing teams of players to explore the various Fae Worlds together. Understanding the concerns and connectivity issues players have experienced, the developers have confirmed that they will be releasing an offline mode, and that it may come sooner rather than later.

With an offline mode in the works, Nightingale is surely going to get better and better, especially considering that with the game being an early access title, Inflexion Games is sure to add many new and exciting features to the fantasy survival title. As of this writing, Inflexion has already implemented AMD FSR3 support for the game.

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