Varric And Solas Are Back In Dragon Age Sequel

The Game Awards premiered a new trailer for the long awaited Dragon Age sequel, showing a potential return of old characters. While it was brief, the voice of dwarven rogue, Varric, could be heard narrating, and setting up Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Solas up as an antagonist.

While the inclusion of Solas was expected after the ending to 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, Varric had not been previously hinted at. Solas – now known as The Dread Wolf – seems to have ventured to Tevinter as part of his world-ending plan, as the nation is known for its use of controversial and dangerous magic.

“We’ve got your back, I’ve got your back”, says Varric. This suggests he could take the role of a guide throughout the world of Tevinter, which the series is yet to explore. This would make sense, as dwarves are heavy linked to the region, and Varric has prior dealing with Solas/The Dread Wolf.

There were other call backs to prior titles. The first shot of the trailer appears to depict Dragon Age 2 antagonist, Meredith, followed by Inquisition’s Corypheus. Varric also mentions Darkspawn, so we could be dealing with a Blight-like scenario once more. Incidentally, one of the potential companions from a previous trailer is a Grey Warden, adding to this theory.

Curiously, the official logo didn’t include a subtitle. This could mean that either BioWare want to keep it under wraps as the story remains unknown, or it will simply just release under the name Dragon Age. It would be the first in the series to have this name, as the first title was called Dragon Age: Origins. 

A release date has not been given. Dragon Age was also shown off at Gamescom Opening Night, in which we got a (very) brief look at some companions.

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