Persona 3 Reload: How To Get & Use Twilight Fragment

Persona 3 Reload introduces various new features and items to enhance gameplay. Among them is the mysterious Twilight Fragment, which you will encounter after awakening your Persona. If you are curious about obtaining and using this item, our guide will explain the best way to farm Twilight Fragment and what you can do with this object.

Persona 3 Reload Twilight Fragment Farming Guide

Unlike most magical items in Persona 3 Reload, you can discover Twilight Fragment while exploring the real world. You should be able to easily notice them since they appear as a shining blue dot on the ground. Unfortunately, there are no fixed locations that you can visit to obtain Twilight Fragment consistently. The best method to obtain more is by regularly scouring every available zone and keeping your eyes wide open.

Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth Twilight Fragment

The second method to obtain Twilight Fragment is by establishing and developing your Social Links. Elizabeth will commend your actions and reward you with some Twilight Shards the next time you speak with her or visit the Velvet Room.

Lastly, although rare, you may have a chance of finding Twilight Fragment inside Tartarus. There are numerous breakable objects inside this dungeon, and they usually have orange light. If you encounter one with blue light, you should break it to obtain one Twilight Fragment.

How To Use Twilight Fragment In Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Twilight Fragment Chest

You can use Twilight Fragment for two activities. Firstly, you can use some to unlock locked white chests you encounter in Tartarus. The amount of Twilight Shard you need can be seen from the red button at the side of the chest. The chests contain valuable items and gear that you definitely don’t want to miss. For example, you can get powerful weapons that you cannot purchase at the Police Station in the Paulownia Mall.

Persona 3 Reload How to Use Twilight Fragment

Secondly, you can spend seven Twilight Shards to fully recover your party’s HP and SP. You can do this by interacting with the large white clock inside Tartarus. There is one on Floor 1, but you may also stumble on this magical instrument when you explore other Floors.

That’s the end of our guide on how to get and use Twilight Fragment in Persona 3 Reload. For more related content, you can read our post on the possible release date for Persona 6.

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