Phobies Gets Spooky Halloween Update With Carnival Of Fears

The turn-based strategy card game Phobies from Smoking Gun Interactive is getting a big new update in time for October, and it’s scarier than ever. The Carnival of Fears update releases on Oct. 4, and brings eight new Phobies, six new abilities, 10 new map layouts and 30 new challenges. Of course, you can’t have a Halloween update without matching creepy visuals and new music, which also accompany the update.

The eight new Phobies include the Luchador twins, Bad Omen and a Werewolf which deals double damage blows and gives you triple health during the full moon. To celebrate the spooky season, the game will also have some limited-time special offers to pick up, as well as new avatars. The frightening trailer for the newest update can be seen below.

This is the biggest update to Phobies since the alien-themed Full Disclosure update earlier this summer. For those unfamiliar with the free-to-play game, Phobies are creatures inspired by human fears. They’re our phobias, but turned into little collectible card creatures. You can unlock and level up your Phobies as you go, which prepares them for a bunch of game modes. This can be done in asynchronous PvP, PvE challenge modes or a real-time arena mode.

With more than 120 Phobies in the game already since its launch earlier in the year, there’s plenty of content for new players. The team behind the game recently ran a map making contest earlier in the summer, and the winning fan-made maps will be joining this Halloween’s update along with all the other new content we’ve covered. Phobies is available to download now on Steam, iOS and Android as a free-to-play title.

Will you be trying the creepy Phobies update on Oct. 4? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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