PlayStation Plus Offerings Announced for April

As March draws to a close Sony has revealed the games that will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers for April. Once again the month brings us some bigger releases to appease service users.

The first game is The Surge, a science-fiction action RPG released in 2017. It was made as a spiritual successor to developer Deck13’s earlier game Lords of the Fallen. The Surge shares many mechanics that are similar to Lords of the Fallen, in particular its inspiration from developer FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series for elements of its difficulty system.

According to critics, The Surge failed to deliver a good narrative, but does deliver a fun take on a familiar genre. In related news, Deck13 plans to release a sequel to the the sci-fi take on Soulsborne some time this year.

The other offering for April is Conan Exiles. In this game you create a character that was convicted of several crimes, exiled, and put to death. However before you can die you are saved by Conan himself and left to wander a vast desert landscape known as the Exiled Lands. Here you will aim to survive against all odds in this harsh environment. Conan Exiles might be good for a few hours of fun, although it didn’t really sit well with many players and critics.

Those are the games you can pick up for free this April. Keep in mind, you must have an active PlayStation Plus account to reap these rewards.

What do you think about The Surge and Conan Exiles? Are you excited to play either one? Let us know in the comment section below.

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