Pokemon Sleep and Go Plus+ Accessory Releasing This Year

The February 27 Pokemon Presents livestream event was filled with tons of exciting announcements regarding the Pokemon series, most notably the first reveal of upcoming DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Masters, Pokemon Cafe Remix, and Pokemon Go will also be getting new content to celebrate Pokemon Day. In addition, there was one announcement that fans may not have been expecting: Pokemon Sleep, a combination idle game and sleep-tracking app, will be making its official worldwide debut later this year.

Pokemon Sleep puts players into the role of a Sleep Researcher alongside Professor Neroli on a small island populated mostly by Snorlax, the sleepiest Pokemon of them all. By collecting their own sleep data and storing it in the app, players will be able to observe and catalogue the various sleep styles of Pokemon living on the island.

 In addition to the overall goal of getting a good night’s sleep every night, players will work to complete a catalogue listing all the sleep styles they have observed. A few examples of sleep styles were shown off in the Pokemon Sleep reveal trailer, including Dozing, Snoozing, Slumbering, and rarer styles like Goofy and Droopy-Eared.

Also releasing this year is the Pokemon Go Plus+ Accessory, which will pair with both Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go. With the press of a button, the Plus+ Accessory will be able to log your sleep data (as long as it is placed beside you while sleeping!) and store it on the Pokemon Sleep app. There’s even an adorable Pikachu inside the accessory that can sing you lullabies or serve as your alarm in the morning! (Plus, it gets friendlier with you the more healthy sleep you get – yet more motivation to catch those ZZZs!)

The Plus+ Accessory can also be used in Pokemon Go to spin PokeStops and throw PokeBalls while you are out and walking around. Unlike the previous PokeBall accessory for Pokemon Go, the Plus+ can throw Great Balls and Ultra Balls in addition to base Poke Balls. Plus, linking the accessory to both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep will unlock a special set of Research Tasks in Pokemon Go that will feature rewards including an encounter with a rare Snorlax wearing a night cap. The Pokemon Presents event also teased the addition of future content that will incorporate players’ sleep data into Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go Plus+ Accessory will be available for sale starting on July 14, 2023. Pokemon Sleep is planned to release later in 2023, but a specific date has not yet been revealed. It will be available to download for both Android and iOS devices.

Are you looking forward to Pokemon Sleep? Do you plan to grab the Plus+ Accessory? What’s your personal sleeping style? Comment below and let us know!


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