PowerWash Simulator Is Getting Final Fantasy 7 DLC

It’s time to put away the Buster Sword and unleash the true power of the power washer, as the relaxing indie PowerWash Simulator is getting Final Fantasy VII DLC. There is sadly no release date at present for the DLC, but the Midgar Special Pack will allow players to clean some iconic pieces of Final Fantasy history. We’re willing to bet they’re particularly dirty after all Cloud and the gang went through in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but we’re happy to help clean it up. 

The Midgar Special Pack will include Cloud’s Hardy-Daytona motorbike from the Midgar escape sequence, the Guard Scorpion introductory boss and even Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar, a safe haven for members of eco-activists Avalanche. Getting all the grime out of Cloud’s bike might be troublesome, but it will definitely be pretty calming too. We gave PowerWash Simulator an 8/10 in our review, describing it as “a therapeutic and calming game with a huge amount of replay value.”

The news of the PowerWash Simulator and Final Fantasy VII crossover comes alongside the first annual Final Fantasy VII Day, now an official anniversary day in Japan. Jan. 31 marks the 26th anniversary of the game, releasing in Japan exactly 26 years ago today. Even after all this time, Final Fantasy VII still holds up as one of the most influential JRPGs to date, and a fan favorite in the genre. We’ve not yet heard anything about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the sequel to 2020’s remake, but we can hold out hope that we will hear more soon.

Just in case you missed it, there’s also a Tomb Raider DLC heading to PowerWash Simulator today! Have you played either PowerWash Simulator or Final Fantasy VII? Will you be giving the downloadable Midgar Special Pack a go? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news and updates.

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