Predator: Hunting Grounds Available Now on the PS4

Alien vs. Predator was a modest arcade hit 25 years ago, but since then, it’s been radio silence beyond fan-made creations. Thankfully, Predator: Hunting Grounds was announced this past May, and with the help of Sony and lllFonic’s development team, the game achieved instant credibility that is rarely seen for licensed properties. Predator: Hunting Grounds is now available for gamers and movie fans alike.

Hunting Grounds is primarily an asymmetrical multiplayer romp with an interesting premise to it. A bit like Evolve, one person controls the Predator, and another team of people controls the Fireteam out to stop him. The Predator itself is packed to the gills with skills to take out everyone if need be. The Predator can use parkour to scale trees and run along branches alongside wrist blades for stealth kills. He’s quick and deadly, but also packs a wallop with his physical attacks and can attack from afar with blasts.

His Fireteam rivals can use a wide variety of guns for both short and long-range affairs. Some use shotguns to stop him, while others will use sniper rifles or SMGs as their weapon of choice to end a murder spree before it begins.

While it is an online-heavy game, there are an offline training mode players can use to get their feet wet so you’re not just thrown into the mix without a prayer. Predator: Hunting Grounds is available now exclusively on the PlayStation 4 for $39.99.

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