The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition is an updated version of the critically acclaimed RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. This edition introduces several new features, such as overhauled lighting and environments, updated graphics and 4k resolution, an increased level cap of up to 99, and other quality-of-life improvements. The game promised to be a better experience across the board compared to the original 2019 version. However, the Spacer’s Choice Edition has been plagued with stuttering framerate and performance issues on console and PC, causing frustration among players who were otherwise excited to play the new edition. 

Private Division responded quickly to our inquiry about the performance issues and commented on the performance issues in a recent tweet, stating, “Our team is working on a patch for PC and consoles to address many of the visual and performance issues being reported by players. We appreciate your patience greatly and will be able to share this and the full list of patch notes with you before the end of next week.” This statement comes two days after the game’s release, a prompt response for players experiencing performance issues while playing the game. It shows that the publisher is actively working to address these issues and is committed to providing players a smooth and enjoyable experience.

While performance issues aren’t exactly uncommon in games, many players are particularly frustrated to have paid $10 (or a temporarily discounted price of $47.79 if you don’t already own the base game and both DLCs) for an upgraded version that runs worse than the original Outer Worlds did at launch. While there were some complaints of poor performance and long loading times back when the game was first released, The Outer Worlds had managed to maintain a very positive rating on Steam. Most of the recent reviews for The Outer Worlds are now mixed, however, likely thanks to the spillover from people upset with the Spacer’s Choice Edition, which sits even worse off with a very negative rating.

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