PS4 Game Collection Announced For PS5 PS Plus Subscribers

The PlayStation 5 Showcase brought news of the release of the console itself, as well as the new games coming to it. But that that isn’t the only big news. The Showcase also showed off the PlayStation Plus Collection coming to the PlayStation 5 at launch.

The Collection is available for people with both a PlayStation 5 and a PS Plus membership, and provides them with free digital access to what the trailer refers to as “generation-defining” PlayStation 4 titles, all on their PlayStation 5.

Some of the games included in the Collection are highly-rated and praised classics like God of War, Final Fantasy XV, Until Dawn, Fallout 4, Resident Evil VII, Bloodborne, Monster Hunter World, Persona 5, Uncharted 4, Detroit: Become Human, and The Last Guardian. Some of the games included are games already known to be getting successors or sequels on the PlayStation 5 proper, like Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil VIII, and God of War 2, also revealed at the event.

The company has specified that both the disc and digital systems will offer other backwards-compatibility features not limited to the games in the Collection, and that “99% of the PlayStation 4” games can be played on the new console outside of the Collection.

There are still a few questions left unanswered in the reveal trailer for the PlayStation Plus Collection. While implied to be included with the general PS Plus subscription, users are unsure if there will be an additional charge they must pay to access the games available in the Collection. It is unknown if these games are available in addition to the 2 free games a month PS Plus subscribers receive already, or if they count in the free software total. It’s also not mentioned if subscribers will have a limit to how many of the games they can access during their length of their subscription period. Since the PlayStation Plus Collection will be available at the launch of the PlayStation 5 in mid-November, it is expected that more information about the feature will be revealed in the coming month.


Do you think the PS Plus Collection makes a PS Plus Subscription worthwhile? Let us know in the comments below!

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