Rainbow Six Siege ‘Steel Wave’ Update Outlined By Ubisoft

Ubisoft has revealed more detail of its forthcoming Operation Steel Wave update in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Steel Wave is the second season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 5 updates. 

The update will introduce two new operators: Norwegian Attacker, Ace, and South African Defender, Melusi. Ace is a former member of the Norwegian Home Guard, who comes equipped with a device known as S.E.L.M.A., capable of destroying most defensive gadgets.

It’s throwable and stickable, and better still, can take out up to 3 panels of any vertical surface that it comes into contact with. This will create new lines of sight or entry points.

As for Melusi, he’s a former member of the South African National Defence Force, and his specialty comes from his use of the Banshee deployable electronic gadget.

In short, a proximity signal will sound when an enemy comes within range. The takeaway here comes from that the device can slow down enemies within its view. 

Meanwhile, Operation Steel Wave brings back an updated version of Rainbow Six Siege’s House map. The map was part of the base game five years ago, but according to Ubisoft, in a bid to evolve the gameplay meta, the LA home will undergo various changes in the update.

Elsewhere, there’s the deployable Proximity Alarm for Defenders. Tweaks and balances are also expected for gameplay. All of the changes that have been listed will be available to all Rainbow Six Siege players as Steel Wave launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.   

Year 5 pass holders will receive early access to the new Operators by one week. A launch date for the update has not been announced. However, from May 19, via the Rainbow Six Siege test server, the changes will be available for PC. For gameplay and tips, check out Ubisoft’s YouTube guide for Operation Steel Wave at the link above.

In other Rainbow Six news, increased player investment in Ubisoft’s online tactical shooter was cited as a  major contributor to the companies recent financial success success. This is perhaps due in part to the increase in spare time gamers have, due to coronavirus related lockdowns being in place across the world.

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