Infinity Ward will be producing a fix for an issue identified with the F5.56 shotgun in Warzone. The studio promised via social media "to share more details as they become available."

For a visual understanding of what the FR.5.56 can do, Youtuber TheExclusiveAce gives a detailed demonstration of the problem. The weapon effectively out-ranges all other shotguns available. It can one-shot fully armored targets up to, (and beyond), 15 meters.

For anyone who can get a lucky pellet spread, the range can be infinite. The popular theory suggests a buff was accidentally applied to the shotgun attachment, as well as the F5 5.56.

Last week, Infinity Ward's latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone was released today across all platforms. The update pays particular focus on a recent graphical corruption issue affecting weapons. The patch was particularly significant for Xbox players and came under scrutiny by the gaming community as a result.

The general fixes covered by this update included a fix for a "Play Again" option in Warzone, a rope ascender bug, an issue with the Common AUG appearing invisible, and the removal of several maps from particular modes:

    • Headquarters - (Arklov Peak and Shipment Removed)
    • Kill Confirmed - (Aniyah Incursion Removed)
    • Cyber Attack - (Aniyah Incursion Removed)
    • Hardpoint - (Piccadilly and Aniyah Incursion Removed)
    • Search and Destroy - (Rust Removed)

The recent weapon bug, as demonstrated in a small clip from Twitter user Shame1essGames, has caused enormous problems for Warzone players.

After selecting a weapon from a loadout, the chosen gun rather bizarrely transforms into a mess of unprocessed textures, obscuring his line of fire and half the screen. In short, it's not long before he's being shot at with no chance of returning fire.