“Red Frost” Trailer Releases With Title And Mechanics Updates

DRAGO Entertainment, an indie studio based out of Poland, has announced that a new trailer for their latest survival horror project has come out, along with some news regarding the game’s title and further details on its mechanics.

Initially, the game was titled FrostFall on Steam, but it was only a working title. The finalized title, Red Frost, came about after the project reached a top spot on Steam’s Wishlist. At the same time, the developers felt it was time to inform potential players about what they’d be getting into.

Red Frost takes players to the frozen wilderness of Siberia in the aftermath of an unnamed apocalypse. There, players will explore the vast tundra while trying to find enough materials to stay alive and avoiding potential threats to their safety.

While the game certainly seems to be putting at least as much emphasis on the survival as much as the horror, DRAGO has indicated that the game world (which was already firmly focused on exploration) has had new content put into it. The hope is to give players more reasons and opportunities to explore. Additionally, they’ve been expanding the character development system to give players a more granular experience, as well as improving the stealth system.


Perhaps the one mechanic which is Red Frost‘s biggest draw is the “corruption” system. Most survival horror games have you fighting zombies in one form or another. But in Red Frost, you’re struggling to keep from becoming a zombie on top of other illnesses, which might lay your character low.

As CEO Joanna Tynor describes it, “Although we are very pleased with the survival system in its current state, we have decided to spice it up by increasing the number of diseases. They will appear in different stages and will affect the character differently, thereby increasing immersion into the harsh environment. Some of the new additions to the corruption system will also integrate nicely with diseases, giving an optional approach to remedies.”

Red Frost is planning to release a demo sometime later this year, with a full release sometime in 2021.

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