Remnant 2: How To Get The Plasma Cutter

Remnant 2, the sequel to 2019’s excellent Remnant: From The Ashes, is finally here, and brings with it the original’s procedurally assembled world layouts and the myriad secrets held within them. The randomized nature of the campaign maps makes every playthrough seem both fresh and familiar, but can also determine whether or not you acquire certain weapon and item unlocks.

This particular guide will help you get a hold of the Plasma Cutter, a secret Long Gun. The Plasma Cutter is considered a successor of sorts to the Beam Rifle that was originally featured in Remnant: From The Ashes. Acquiring it is a multi-step process like many of the secret items in Remnant 2.

How To Acquire The Navigator’s Helm In Remnant 2

Navigator's Helm
Wearing The Navigator’s Helm

This Helmet is a necessary prerequisite to access the room where the Plasma Cutter is cached. Begin your quest on the N’Erud World. Either one of two Locations: The Eon Vault, or Timeless Horizon, can potentially spawn the Event you are seeking, which consists of industrial pistons hammering the earth. The Extraction Hub checkpoint Crystal should be in the vicinity as well. You will likely hear this Event long before you see it, as deafening alarms sound off in warning while the pistons operate.

Explore the area carefully, while looking for a hidden opening in the ground beneath one of the pistons. It goes without saying that stepping in the operating zone of a piston means instant death. Once you have located the entrance, crouch down and wait for the piston to slam the ground, then push forward against it so that you can squeeze through as soon as it raises up high enough to accommodate you. Drop down into the hole as quickly as possible, since the window can be quite narrow. You should land on a makeshift ramp of sorts, leading down into a large cave system populated by N’Erud Zombies, as well as the rare zombie actually wearing the item you are seeking: the Navigator’s Helm. Make quick work of them all, including the Navigator Zombie which is off in a side room and has no special attributes in particular. As an aside, this is a fairly complex area to explore, and holds two other items of note: the Blasting Cap Ring at the bottom of the ramp, and the Detonation Trigger Amulet in a side area.

Note that while the Navigator’s Helm does not belong to any specific Armor set, it does have a synergy with two Amulets: the Navigator’s Pendant and the Rusted Navigator’s Pendant, that grants you 14 Blight Resistance.

A Guide To Acquiring The Plasma Cutter In Remnant 2

Plasma Cutter
Inspecting The Plasma Cutter

In order to use the Navigator’s Helm, you will need to find the Titan’s Reach Event. This Event is most likely to spawn on the world of N’Erud in the Timeless Horizon Location, and can be visually identified as the crash site of a large alien ship. The Titan’s Reach checkpoint Crystal should be nearby. The ship can be entered through a large, dimly lit breach in its side. Once you have navigated through the narrow confines of the ship, you will arrive at a larger room with a red scanner. If you are actively wearing the Navigator’s Helm, the scanner will grant you access to the sealed airlock behind it. Lying there in a crate at the back of this small hold is the Plasma Cutter Long Gun. As a bonus, on the clear opposite end of the large room with the scanner, will be a Ring named the Hardcore Metal Band.

  • The Plasma Cutter’s Mutator slot is empty, but it also has a hard-locked Mod pre-slotted i.e. it cannot be swapped out, called Heat Sink:
    Forces open Plasma Cutter’s heat vents dispersing all heat. While active, Plasma Cutter generates 50% less heat, and ramping damage cap is increased to 3x Damage. Overheats automatically when deactivated. Lasts 20s. Mod Power Requirement: 850
  • Using the Mod instantly reloads the weapons as well. As a whole, the Plasma Cutter does the highest DPS in Remnant 2 consistently, both in standard fire and with the Mod activated.
  • A recommended Mutator would be Bandit, which grants a 10-30% chance to return spent Ammo directly into the magazine of this weapon, on hit. Additionally, if upgraded to level 10, it gains 10% increased Fire Rate for 3s, when Ammo is returned to this weapon, stacking up to 10s.
  • A recommended item synergy is the Burden of the Follower Ring, which reduces fire rate by 15%, but increases Mod Power Generation by 50%, allowing for chaining the usage of Heat Sink.

As a Special Long Gun, the Plasma Cutter can only be upgraded ten times, and requires a significant quantity of Lumenite Crystals in order to do so, not to mention tons of Scrap.

Level Damage Required Materials
1 8.4 Iron x5
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x450
2 9.8 Iron x10
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x525
3 11.2 Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x600
4 12.6 Forged Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x2
Scrap x675
5 14 Forged Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x750
6 15.4 Galvanized Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x825
7 16.8 Galvanized Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x3
Scrap x900
8 18.2 Hardened Iron x15
Lumenite Crystal x4
Scrap x975
9 19.6 Hardened Iron x20
Lumenite Crystal x4
Scrap x1050
10 21 Simulacrum x1
Lumenite Crystal x5
Scrap x1125



It is entirely possible to roll a world where the Titan’s Reach Event exists, but not the corresponding Extraction Hub Event, thus making it impossible to access the scanner room without either re-rolling the Campaign or running Adventure Mode until you do. Joining co-op on another player’s world roll where it does exist, either among friends, or with strangers through looking for groups, is also an option.
Additionally, there is currently a bug where you could do everything correctly and the Plasma Cutter will simply not spawn in its crate. Presently, there is no fix for this unfortunate turn of events other than to reroll the world yet again and hope for Titan’s Reach to spawn. If you are especially unlucky, it can happen repeatedly, reportedly up to three times.

Leave a comment if you have any alternate methods to arrive at the same conclusion, or any other bugs you may have encountered. Also let us know if you have something to add in terms of build synergies for the Plasma Cutter and various Armor sets, Rings, and Amulets that can address its flaws, or enhance its strengths.

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