Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Kill Salazar With An Egg

Bosses in Resident Evil 4 Remake are no pushovers. Unless you’ve got the infinite ammo Rocket Launcher, which would only happen if you beat the game once already, then every boss is going to be a tense and stressful battle. Salazar is easily one of the tougher fights in the game normally, but what if there was a way to tip the scales in your favor?

We’ve discussed a ton of ways Resident Evil 4 Remake likes to hide secret methods to bypass areas and encounters, such as the Village skip and Gallery Bridge skip, but there’s never been a way to basically skip a boss (intentionally, anyway). If you want to really put some egg on Salazar’s face, and not just his portrait, check out our guide covering this awesome trick to easily trounce this boss.

How To Kill Salazar With An Egg

Resident Evil 4 Remake salazar egg

If you weren’t aware, eggs can actually be thrown like a grenade if you equip them rather than just scarf them down for some health. That’s the basic idea for this trick, but not just any normal white or brown egg will work. No, for this trick only a Golden Egg will do. These babies are very rare and worth 9,000 Pesetas, so you need to decide if the investment is worth it to you.

If you haven’t been holding on to a Golden Egg for a situation like this, then you are in luck since there’s one right before the fight in the Throne Room. You will need to open up the Square Lock Box using the Cubic Device. To open this one in particular, spin the cube so that the thin line on the top is closest to you, the half circle is on the upper right side, the small triangle notch is on the bottom left, and the side facing you has the half circle trench on the left as pictured above.

One Golden Egg is reported to deal around 70% of Salazar’s health, so one won’t quite be enough to end the fight in a single toss, but it can easily trivialize the fight. And if you have two of these eggs to scramble, you can end the fight in time for breakfast!

Are you going to give this trick a shot? What other odd inclusions in Resident Evil 4 Remake have you found? We’d love to hear them all in the comments!

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