Resident Evil 4 Remake: Salazar Boss Guide

You might not think Ramon Salazar could stack up to the other bosses in Resident Evil 4 Remake, but he isn’t one you should look down on. Jokes aside, this bite-sized villain is one of the most intense fights in the game, and if you played the original game, you’ll find your past experience almost useless here.

Having the best shot at beating Salazar mostly comes down to your preparation. The Merchant shop right before the fight becomes quite essential here, so this guide will go over what loadout you should bring and how to use it to cut this boss down to size.

Salazar Boss Guide In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake salazar

The original fight against Salazar had him mutate into a massive, but stationary, creature. This time around in Resident Evil 4 Remake, he’s almost the opposite – yes, he still turns into a hideous monster, but a less massive and very mobile one. For that reason, guns like the Red9 or most rifles won’t do you much good as he moves around too fast to reliably line up a shot.

Better choices to bring in are the Matilda, any SMG, and a Magnum for heavy damage without having to worry about lining up shots.

Start the fight by taking a few free shots before Salazar gets moving. While he does have a yellow eye, it doesn’t seem to do any more damage to hit that than anywhere else, so don’t be too precious with your aim. Once he gets moving, the fight becomes a cat-and-mouse style chase – and you’re the mouse. Stay as far from Salazar as you can to avoid his grab attack which will instantly kill you. However, Salazar will spit black goo at you when you’re at range, so don’t stand still when you see him rear back to launch a loogie at you!

While you’re running you will also need to keep an eye on the floor for the goopy bubbles Salazar spreads around the map. They function kind of like bear traps, but pop when you get nearby and stun you for a moment or two. You can either just try and give them a wide berth, or take a second to shoot them to get rid of them.

Always be ready for when Salazar takes enough damage to crumple on the floor. When you see this, get in close to do a melee attack with your knife for huge damage. Repeat the process two or three times depending on how much damage you’re dealing, and you’ll make short work of this minuscule man.

Whew, what did you think of that fight? Did you find it as hard as the Mendez fight? If you’re approaching Resident Evil 4 Remake’s final boss, Saddler, GameLuster’s got tips for you there as well!

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