Rockstar Confirms GTA 6 Leaks Are Real

After a day of silence, Rockstar has taken to Twitter to address the giant leak from the next Grand Theft Auto game. The leak, which was shared online yesterday, brought with it almost a hundred gameplay videos, as well as parts of the source code and story details.

This update confirms that the leak came from a third party outsider, which many currently speculate to be a teenager. Fans of the GTA franchise will be relieved to hear that no disruption is expected for either their live game services or the development of GTA 6. It has already been a near-decade long wait for the sequel to GTA 5. The full message from Rockstar can be seen below.

The more critical part of the fanbase has already taken to social media to scrutinize the leaked gameplay, which is unfinished. Adding polish to animations and graphics usually takes place in the latter part of the development cycle, so it’s not surprising that the game may look rough at present. It is important to remember when seeing these leaks that we were never intended to see the game at this time.

Our thoughts are with the developers affected by this leak. Hopefully development can now move along swiftly, because we can’t wait to see more from whatever is next for Grand Theft Auto.

What do you think of this update from Rockstar? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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