We’ve had looter shooters, Soulslike Metroidvanias, and even golf-based RPGs. Now, developer Jaspel ushers in a new genre blend: Backpack Hero, an inventory management roguelike.

In Backpack Hero, players take on the role of a packrat protagonist, hoarding all manner of items as they explore endless, procedurally-generated dungeons. Hundreds of different items each offer different powers and effects. With the strength of whatever you manage to stuff into your backpack, players will battle against various foes in turn-based combat.

Backpack Hero’s unique twist comes with the importance placed on inventory management. Depending on where items are placed in the titular backpack, their effects will be altered. Leaving certain items next to pieces of armour, for example, can boost the shield effect of said armour. Alternatively, bonuses can be gained for leaving empty space above or below specific items. Building on the turn-based roguelike formula established by games like Slay the Spire, new items must be carefully chosen and placed throughout every run.

Purse the Packrat sitting on their backpack and holding a torch in a dungeon, surrounded by enemies.
Beware what lurks in the dark… and your bag.

Individual items also have their own quirks, of course. From poison resistance to mega healing to even harmful items that take up space, players will find a vast array of things to toy with in Backpack Hero. Gathering and properly sorting powerful items will be key to survival.

Backpack Hero also features multiple playable characters as it heads into early access. Purse the Packrat, Tote the Toad, and CR8 the Robot all bring their own charm to gameplay. Also coming with the early access release are game modifiers to finetune the experience, challenge runs for the more daring of us, and widescreen support for those who want to organise in style.

The time to cram is sooner than you think, as Backpack Hero launches into early access on August 15th, 2022. The roguelike will be available on Steam.

For more on Backpack Hero and other indie deckbuilder roguelikes (genre names are fun), stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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