Developer MidBoss continues to celebrate the Season of Pride 2022 through July 23rd, with an ongoing event featuring sales, charity streams, and more. The Season of Pride event highlights games made by LGBTQ+ creators and/or featuring LGBTQ+ content. Participating streamers include Prince_Harming, PolygonPrincess, spacevalkyries, Pinot_Noir, HaiBobby, and many more. The event, which officially kicked off on July 9th, is the fourth annual Pride event hosted by MidBoss. This year, their partners include Annapurna Interactive, Devolver Digital, Humble, and many more.

As part of the event, sales of certain LGBTQ+-focused titles are ongoing on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch eShop. Some of the games highlighted during the event include Hustle Cat, Paradise Killer, Monster Prom, Boyfriend Dungeon, Lost Ember, the Life is Strange series, and many more. Throughout the month, participating streamers will be featuring playthroughs of these games on their Twitch channels.

These charity streams will be raising money for organizations including the Trevor Project, GaymerX, Girls Who Code, Trans Lifeline, Black Girls Code, and others. Donation to these organizations can also be made via the Season of Pride Web site. Last year, Season of Pride 2021 earned over $30,000 for charity;  Midboss and their partners hope to surpass this number in 2022.

MidBoss CEO Cade Peterson described the goal of the Season of Pride as “to shine a spotlight on all the great LGBTQ+ games and content creators, and to support the mission of some great causes.” Peterson further encouraged gamers to try out and purchase the spotlighted games. “Add some games to that backlog – and feel good about it!”

MidBoss, the host of the Season of Pride, is a Berkeley-based indie game developer. Their previous projects have included Kitsune Tails and 2064: Read Only Memories. Neurodiver, the next entry in the Read Only Memories series, is currently scheduled for release later in 2022.

Which is your favorite game being highlighted during the Season of Pride? Comment below and let us know! For more on all things Season of Pride, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.


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