Rumor: Splatoon to be updated with Super Mario Sunshine crossover content

E3 is almost upon us, and with it brings many rumors. A recent rumor from a 4chan user suggests that when E3 comes, Splatoon will have an update that gives comparability with the Mario amiibo. Scanning the Mario amiibo will unlock Sunshine-themed missions, with Mario as the final boss. Defeating Mario will unlock his hat, overalls, and shoes as gear and FLUDD as a weapon. The leak seems pretty legit, as it shows a completely new render of an ink-covered Mario holding FLUDD, with the style matching the style of Nintendo’s recent Mario renders perfectly. Another detail that adds legitimacy to this leak is that the Splatoon website briefly showed the Dr. Mario amiibo as being compatible with Splatoon before the listing was quickly taken down. Since the Link and Toon Link amiibo act the same when read by Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors, Mario and Dr. Mario acting the same as well is not out of the question. Either way, you can see if the leak is real on Tuesday, June 16, at 9AM PT when Nintendo does their Digital Event.

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