Screenshot Saturday – February 5th

Indie game developers share their work progress every week on Twitter with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. In this piece, we take a look at the most interesting and eye-catching screenshots or short videos of indie games shared on Saturday, February 5th.

Game Luster has a Screenshot Saturday round-up every week. You can check out the previous list here.

Dark Light

This video from Dark Light was shared by the developer (@Miraricogames) in this tweet. In this short video, we get to see a good look into the art style and atmosphere of the game, and it looks good! The foggy foreground, the lighting, and especially the graffiti on the walls show an intriguing world that we’d love to explore. Dark Light is currently in early access on Steam, so you can check it out right now.

Guild Of Dragons

Guild of Dragons

This screenshot from Guild of Dragons was shared by the game’s Twitter page (@guildofdragons) in this tweet. The developers have shared a lot of footage from the game over the past weeks, and the visuals of the game always look good. Guild of Dragons will launch its crowdfunding campaign on February 22nd, and you can follow the project on Kickstarter to learn more about the game, and support the development if you are interested.

Lost In Play

This whimsical video from Lost in Play was shared by the developers (@HappyJuiceGames) in this tweet. The art style and the animations are really adorable, and the cat under the bed and its reaction to the light is just hilarious. We can’t wait to see more of this colorful and funny puzzle game, and if you like Lost in Play,  you can wishlist it on Steam right now.



This atmospheric Inn from the game Mandragora was shared by the game’s Twitter page (@MandragoraGame) in this tweet. The scene is full of great details, various characters, and beautiful lighting that makes the whole scene look like a gorgeous painting. We will keep an eye out for more footage and news about Mandragora in the future.

Rad Venture

This video from Rad Venture was shared by the game’s Twitter page (@Rad_Venture) in this tweet. The video shows a vibrant 3D platformer with exciting mechanics and gameplay, and we look forward to learning more about it. If you like the look of Rad Venture, you can check out the developer’s Patreon and consider supporting them in the development of the game.

What indies have you got your eye on? Do you like the look of anything Nima found this week? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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