Sea of Thieves’ First Free DLC Sets Sail May 29

There’s blood in the water, and a new threat emerges in Sea of Thieves‘ first free DLC. The update introduces a boat-load of new content, as well as a limited-time campaign with plenty of rewards to offer.

Called “The Hungering Deep,” everything seems to indicate that the central focus of this new content will be about sharks. The details have been sparse, but a new AI threat will emerge, and Rare’s teaser shows an ominous picture of a gigantic beast lurking in the depths.

The campaign will follow the story of “Merry” Merrick as you discover what his experience was with this new danger. Doing the campaign will award players with some limited-time ship decor, including new shark-themed sails, hull paint and a figurehead.

Playing the campaign will also grant a new tattoo set. This means that now, players can customize the tattoos of their pirates, as well as their scars.

New items include the drum, a new instrument for pirates to play, as well as speaking trumpets. Speaking trumpets extend the range of your voice for other players to hear. Lastly, the update will add flags. The white flag at the top of the ship can now be changed to represent your intentions; for example, the skull and crossbones might mean hostility, while the white flag is a sign of surrender.

This is considered a medium-sized update by Rare, but more Sea of Thieves content is on the way for this summer. “Cursed Sails” is next with more new AI, a new type of ship, and of course items and cosmetics. Following that will be “Forsaken Shores” with another new AI threat and other adventures.

The official page for “The Hungering Deep” can be found here.

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