Single Nintendo Switch JoyCon Price Drop Disappoints Fans

Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch hybrid console in 2017, the price for a single JoyCon controller – typically advertised as a “replacement JoyCon” – has been $49.99 USD. Fans have spent years highly dissatisfied with this high price, especially given the frequent need to replace JoyCons due to the ongoing “controller drift” issue, which would cause them to stop responding properly and make enjoying games extremely difficult.

When rumors emerged that Nintendo would soon be dropping the price of a single replacement JoyCon, fans were naturally thrilled. However, the actual announcement of the “price drop” was generally considered to be rather disappointing.

Nintendo officially announced via Twitter on October 23 that a single JoyCon will now cost $39.99. The only colors available at this new price are Neon Red (right Joy-Con only) and Neon Blue (left Joy-Con only), which are generally considered to be the console’s “standard” colors. Nintendo has not announced whether or not other JoyCon colors will be available at this reduced price in the future.

Fans were quick to respond, pointing out that it was not much of a decrease in price at all as a pair of JoyCons still costs $79.99, meaning that customers do not actually save much money when purchasing a replacement. (Plus, pairs of JoyCons are often sold for less via retailers such as Amazon.) In addition to this, many Switch gamers feel that Nintendo should have dedicated time to fixing drift issues rather than simply offering a small price decrease.

The new price goes into effect on November 9, 2020. JoyCons can be purchased via the official Nintendo Web site as well as a number of stores worldwide including GameStop, Target, Best Buy and many others.

What are your thoughts on the JoyCon price decrease? Will you be purchasing a replacement JoyCon via Nintendo anytime soon? Have you experienced JoyCon drift? Let us know!

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