Snap The Perfect Action Shot With Nioh 2’s New Photo Mode

Action RPG Nioh 2 has just had a major free update, which adds a ton of all-new exciting content for players to enjoy. Developer Team Ninja was especially thrilled to announce the addition of “Photo Mode,” which allows players to take pictures of their character battling fearsome Yokai, crossing swords with honorable samurai, and calling on the aid of friendly Guardian Spirits.

Tom Lee, Team Ninja’s creative director, described the photo mode as featuring “in-depth camera settings like image exposure, gradation, lighting and tint adjustments, and a variety of dramatic filters.” Some extremely stunning examples of photos taken in Nioh 2 have already begun to surface around the Internet as players explore the “snappy” new mode.

Photo Mode was far from the only new addition featured in Version 1.09 of the game, which initially rolled out on Friday, May 15. Nine new missions were added, with intriguing titles including “Wave of Terror” and “Calamity’s Pulse”. One mission even unlocks a brand new Guardian Spirit, Mizuchi. The official patch notes, published via Team Ninja’s Twitter, include information regarding how to unlock each of these new adventures.

In celebration of Nioh 2 reaching one million downloads, players will receive the free “Million Demon” armor set. This ferocious armor set leaves characters looking resplendent in red and gold, with a horned helmet that’s sure to frighten even the fiercest Yokai enemies.

The patch also contained a number of bug fixes and quality of life updates, all of which were detailed in Team Ninja’s comprehensive patch notes. In particular, several light armor bonuses were strengthened, more options were added for sorting and viewing tea utensils, and issues were fixed in which some skills did not deal enough damage or respond properly to button input.

In addition to publishing the Version 1.09 patch, Team Ninja also announced that three “sizable DLC batches” will be dropping in the upcoming months. The first of the three, titled “The Tengu’s Disciple,” will be arriving on July 30.

Nioh 2 was released in March of this year, and is available now for the PlayStation 4.

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