We’re flooded with new trailers today as Gamescom Opening Night Live continues, and we just had a new look at Sonic Frontiers. The game also had its release date confirmed as Nov. 8. This is one of the many things that had already leaked before the show, as we reported.

The trailer opened on the Internet’s new favorite thing, a cute little stone guy. He is swiftly saved by Sonic from being completely vaporized. The trailer then goes on to show all new environments for Sonic Frontiers, including a highway and a retro style Green Hill Zone inspired area. Sonic travels to these areas through red, ominous portals, one of which leads him to find Amy trapped in a cage.

A korok-like creature in Sonic Frontiers
We love this lil’ dude.

We see a lot more combat across these areas, as the trailers ends with Sonic seeing a mountain-sized robot looking down on him. We’re looking forward to seeing how he gets out of this situation.

Fans had been asking SEGA to delay the game and ensure it gets the polish it needs before launch, but for me this trailer seemed to relieve some of my worries. The areas looked varied, and the story is slowly starting to flesh itself out. There’s only three more months until the launch of Sonic Frontiers, and it will go fast.


What did you think of this new look at Sonic Frontiers? Are you sold on the game yet? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more Gamescom coverage.

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