Sons of the Forest: How to Defeat the Demon Boss

One of the things that fans were missing when the pre-patched version of Sons of the Forest was released was the boss fights. Thanks to the first patch, we received some boss action via fighting and getting rid of Virginia’s parents. Yes, we were supposed to save them, but try to save something that is actively trying to kill you. Not easy, huh?

Well, the second patch saw the available boss fights and thought: “how are we going to top this”. And then they threw us all to hell and forced us to fight a literal demon. That escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast. Don’t worry you Burgundy aficionados, this guide will teach you how to defeat the demon boss in Sons of the Forest.

How to Defeat the Demon Boss in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Final Bunker

So, after getting the VIP card you will be ready to enter Sons of the Forest’s Final Bunker. You can find the exact location above! You’ll know you are in the right place when you find a dead body just next to the entrance – you will be good to go! Well, not exactly good, after all, you are entering a very dangerous place and facing certain death, but you know what I mean. Just enter and continue descending into what appears to be hell and you will eventually encounter a huge demon creature.

Now, while I may say that defeating the demon boss is a pretty easy thing, I am referring to the way you will approach this battle, not the battle itself. We are talking about a huge mutant that will stalk and jump toward you, and even hang from the roof to surprise you! The first thing you need to do is to use some heavy and powerful weaponry. I mean, explosives, the shotgun, and everything you would normally avoid from a 5-mile radius. However, the most important thing is a flashlight. The game itself gets pretty dark when you are in caves, and this fight is no exception, especially if you are dealing with a fast-moving demon. You don’t want to miss his attacks and then be mauled to death because you didn’t see it coming!

Demon Boss Sons of the Forest

Anyway, once you have the equipment listed above, go ahead and fight the demon boss with everything you got. Be sure to focus the flashlight on it and keep your distance. These two things will ensure you get the best time window to dodge its attacks. Once you do or it gets close, shoot him with your shotgun.

This is no rocket science, but you must keep dodging and keeping your distance if you want to have any chance to beat it. Keep in mind that there will be smaller mutants that will also try to get you at the same time. Get rid of them by shooting them as well. Alternatively, you could also use the cross to burn it until it dies, but this could take a large amount of time, so I would choose the shotgun instead.

Follow this strategy and you will be able to defeat your inner demons. Well, not really, but at least the demon boss is gone! If you want some powerful weapons make sure to know Where To Get A Chainsaw In Sons Of The Forest or Where to Find the Crossbow in Sons of the Forest. Good luck sending that demon boss to hell for real!

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