Sony Announces Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle, Includes Limited Edition Steel-Grey PS4

Are you excited for Batman Arkham Knight and can’t wait to play it, though do you also need a current generation platform such as the Playstation 4, well then you may be interested in what Sony has unveiled. Sony has revealed an upcoming Batman Arkham Knight limited edition console, the bundle will feature a copy of Batman Arkham Knight as well as a limited edition steel-grey Arkham Knight themed console, as well as a steel-grey Dualshock 4. The bundle is set to cost $450, however the release date for the bundle has yet to be announced, though it does seem likely that the bundle will arrive with the game on June 23rd.

If you wish to save $50 a second Arkham Knight bundle was announced which contains a standard Playstation 4, a standard Dualshock 4 as well as a copy of the game. So if you want Batman Arkham Knight and/or a Playstation 4 then you have plenty of options so it gives you something to think about.

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