Sony has announced January 2016’s Playstation Plus games

You can probably tell what kind of year to expect from services like Playstation Plus by the first month, and if this is true then really we should not expect much from Sony over this coming year with its lackluster opening game lineup. Microsoft has already gotten the jump on Sony to start 2016 and the competition has already shined with a somewhat decent lineup and Sony’s reliance on independent games leaves much to be desired.

As we open 2016 a brand new year each of Sony’s systems will be receiving two games, on the Playstation 4 side of things subscribers will get Grim Fandago Remastered, as well as Hardware Rivals. Playstation 3 owners will be getting their hands on the less then satisfying Medal of Honor Warfighter, along with Dragon Age Origins, meanwhile Vita owners will be getting their hands on Nihilumbra as well as Legends of War: Patton.

Sony really is starting things off poorly for 2016 with the only game that I think is truly interesting being Grim Fandago and this is a remaster of a very old game. The Playstation 3 lineup is especially pathetic featuring two very bad games, I consider this all a bad omen for whats to come in 2016, but still we must hold out hope that perhaps the tides will change.

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