Spider-Man 2: How To Get Armed And Dangerous Trophy

While playing Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5, you can unlock various achievements to obtain the rare platinum trophy. Among them is the Armed and Dangerous achievement, which some players may struggle to get. If you need help, you can read our handy guide to get some tips to unlock this trophy.

Spider-Man 2 Armed And Dangerous Trophy Guide

You can unlock the Armed And Dangerous trophy by beating 100 enemies with Spider Arm abilities. If you have played the previous title, you should be familiar with Peter’s original power. You can activate these special abilities by holding the L1 button and then pressing the Triangle, Square, Circle, or X button.

There are four skills you can use to obtain this achievement:

  • Spider Barrage
  • Spider Rush
  • Spider Shock
  • Spider Whiplash

You should automatically unlock these abilities when you progress through the tutorial section, which includes the Sandman boss fight and the fallout. I suggest hitting the enemies with melee attacks before performing Spider Arm abilities.

Spider Man 2 Spider Whiplash

If you want to unlock this trophy early, I recommend looking out for Crimes that pop out all over New York City. You can usually find a bunch of low-level grunts that you can easily beat while also gaining extra EXP to level up.

Personally, I liked to use the Web-grabber gadget first to gather several criminals. Then, I unleashed the Spider Rush ability to hit multiple enemies simultaneously.

Be warned that some fans have reported that the trophy is bugged. Although they have beaten numerous enemies, their counters remain stuck and do not go up. Unfortunately, we can only wait for Insomniac to release an update to fix this glitch. I didn’t encounter this bug personally and unlocked this achievement while playing the game.

That is the end of our guide on how to unlock the Armed and Dangerous trophy in Spider-Man 2. Before leaving GameLuster, consider reading related articles below this post. I also recommend checking out our guide on Aunt May’s grave location so you can obtain the You Know What to Do trophy.

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