Spider-Man 2: How To Level Up Fast

You will face numerous criminals and monsters as you play through Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Although Peter and Miles are strong, you can make them even more powerful by leveling up the two heroes. If you need tips to level up quickly, you can read our handy guide to get some insights.

Spider-Man 2 Leveling Up Guide

You can level up Peter and Miles through various methods. Of course, the easiest and most straightforward way is to progress through the main missions. Besides giving you EXP between 300 and 3,000, they also let you unlock new content and features, such as the Venom Powers.

I also recommend completing Side Missions, like The Flame and the Cultural Museum chain quests. They are a lot shorter than main missions, but they can give you a lot of EXP. You can also obtain the rare Hero Tokens, which you can use to upgrade your Suit Techs and Gadgets.

If you just start a new playthrough, stopping various Crimes that pop up around New York City is also a good source of EXP and Tech Parts. The game will mark this optional activity with a red warning sign, and you usually only need to beat up a small group of criminals.

Spider Man 2 Crimes

One trick to spawn Crimes quickly is to fast-travel to a new district and spam the R3 button to scan the area. A Crime notification should pop out within seconds, and you can now swing in to save the day.

Another way to gain a decent amount of EXP is to find various collectibles scattered throughout the city. There are a handful of them in the game, such as Marco’s Memories, Photo-Ops, Spider-Bots, and Prowler Stashes. Some require you to fight a bunch of enemies, and others task you to solve simple puzzles.

That is the end of our guide on how to level up fast in Spider-Man 2. Before leaving GameLuster, consider reading related articles below this post. You may also want to check out our guide on Aunt May’s Grave location to unlock the You Know What to Do trophy.

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