Spider-Man 2: How To Get Hero Tokens

In Spider-Man 2, you will require various resources to upgrade all sorts of skills and tools. Among them are the rare Hero Tokens that you need to level up your Suit Techs and Gadgets. Unfortunately, they’re quite hard to get, and you may often find yourself missing a few to get your next upgrades. That is why we have made this handy guide to help you acquire this rare currency!

Spider-Man 2 Hero Tokens Guide

You can get Hero Tokens using five methods. First, you can obtain a bunch of them by completing The Flame chain quest, where you help Wraith investigate a group of dangerous cultists.

You will get the first quest after defeating the first boss, Sandman, and meeting with Peter’s best friend, Hary Osborn. Unfortunately, you must progress through the main story to unlock further side missions.

You can also get Hero Tokens by clearing out Hunter Bases, which you can discover by destroying Hunter Blinds. In total, there are 11 Hunter Blinds and four Hunter Bases spread across New York, and they will become available once you complete the Bad Guys on the Block main quest.

Another way to obtain Hero Tokens is by completing the Cultural Museum missions. This is a short chain quest where Miles helps a museum track down their stolen art. To unlock this side content, you must progress through the Wings of My Own main mission.

Spider Man 2 Mysterium

You can also acquire Hero Tokens by clearing out all 10 Mysteriums scattered around the map. After completing the Funky main mission, you can enter various timed challenges, which usually consist of beating up enemies. The number of Hero Tokens you can get will depend on the type of medal you receive.

Lastly, you can obtain Hero Tokens by destroying Symbiote Nests that will spawn during the end game. Half of them will appear after the Set Things Right mission, and the rest will come out once you complete the It’s All Connected main quest. They’re pretty tough challenges, and I suggest you only try them once you obtain Anti-Symbiote abilities.

Spider Man 2 Hero Tokens Upgrade

You can spend Hero Tokens to obtain these items:

  • Unlock new Suits
  • Upgrade Gadgets
  • Level up Suit Tech

That is the end of our guide on how to get Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2. For more related content, you can check out the links below. If you need more help with the game, you can write a message in the comment section.

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